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Strength of Material Lab Equipments

SE-Test India offers the entire range of strength of material lab equipment for geoscientists and engineers who can rely on them for testing the attributes of diversity. We have been making frontline material testing laboratory equipment and instruments that deliver precise results. Smart functions of sophistication that are in-built allow swift derivation of the inferences and analyses by the professionals in the field and the lab technicians.
SE-Test India has been making material strength testing instruments for a long time and has developed the necessary expertise to develop the best products of high reliability and accuracy. We follow the accepted designs and prototypes that have been mandated by the world renowned institutions of civil engineering and materials’ research. Our "in-house’ R & D team has remained engaged in worthwhile research initiatives to find better models and techniques for materials strength testing. Therefore, we boast of innovative testing platforms that offer quality results along with newer dimensions of high relevance to engineering projects. With such a varied portfolio, SE-Test India is now counted among the leading material lab equipment manufacturers in India and the world.
Here are the environment strength of material lab equipments that we manufacture –
  • Digital Universal Testing Machine
  • Computerized Universal Testing Machine
  • Impact Testing Machine
  • Torsion Testing Machine
  • Spring Testing Machine
  • Fatigue Testing Machine
  • Rockwell Hardness Tester
  • Brinell Hardness Tester
  • Vicker Hardness Tester
  • Tensile Testing Machine
  • Erichsen Cupping Testing Machine
  • Metallurgical Inverted Microscope
  • Double Disc Polishing Machine
  • Specimen Mounting Press
Our material strength testing instruments have been developed for the utmost precision, and we offer a wide range of them. Every instrument has been developed to cater to specific testing requirements along different dimensions like torsion, impact resistance, hardness quotient, cohesion characteristics, bonding affinities, aggregate and compositional analyses, and chipping and exfoliation attributes for the rocks. Shear and stress testing can be done through specialty testing platforms made by us.
SE-Test India manufactures all its material strength testing equipment in compliance with strict quality control benchmarks that are maintained ‘in house". We make universal testing machine (digital and computerized), impact testing machine, torsion testing machine, spring testing machine, fatigue testing machine, Rockwell harness tester, Brinell hardness tester, Vicker hardness tester, Erichsen cupping testing machine, specimen mounting press and double disc polishing machine among others.
With such broad catering capacity, SE-Test India is today the top strength of material lab equipments suppliers.