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Rock Testing Lab Equipments

SE-Test India Pvt. Ltd. offers a wide range of rock testing lab equipment that has been developed to assist engineers and geoscientists in their analyses. Our testing apparatuses are developed as per the industry benchmarks and allow for the precise and detailed assessment of the rock characteristics. The equipment is also designed to allow testing of different types of geostrata, including the igneous and sedimentary stone types. Specialty instruments developed by SE-Test India are used for the differential analysis of volcanic rocks.
Rock testing equipment of SE-Test India is designed as per the accepted standards and parameters that have been determined by the authorised institutions in the field of geo-studies and rock research. We follow the authentic practises of making the same models and testing platforms for professionals in diverse sectors like mining, construction, excavation, tunneling, and other infrastructure projects. With such a varied manufacturing portfolio, SE-Test India has emerged as the preferred rock testing lab equipment supplier in India and the world.
Here are the environment rock testing lab equipments that we manufacture –
  • Core Cutting/Core Drilling Machine
  • Portable Core Cutting Drilling Machine Petrol Driven
  • Core Cutting/Core Drilling Machine (Motorized)
  • Rock/Concrete Cutting Machine
  • Asphalt and Concrete Floor Saw
  • Core Cutting Grinding Machine
  • Point Load Index Tester
  • Slake Durability Apparatus
  • Pullout Test Apparatus
Our rock testing lab equipment is made to study and analyse the rock characteristics in the most objective and rational manner. Scientists, engineers, and lab technicians actively rely on our instruments to establish facts regarding rock strength and the dimensional and shape tolerances against stresses. Specialty instruments have been developed for measuring the tri-axial compression, chipping, and exfoliation tendencies in the rocks of different types. Professionals can also develop samples of high consistency for rock testing through our equipment.
SE-Test India is among the leading rock testing lab equipment manufacturers in India and the world. We make core cutting and drilling machines (both motorised and petrol driven), rock and concrete cutting machines, asphalt and concrete floor saws, core cutting and grinding machines, point load index testers, slake durability apparatus, and pullout test apparatus, among others. Such a broad portfolio makes us the leading brand of rock testing instruments.