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Civil Engineering Lab Equipment

SE-Test India Pvt. Ltd. manufactures wide range of civil engineering lab equipments to assist the engineers and analysts to derive accurate inferences and values. We follow the mandated designs and models that are accepted globally as the standards. Apart from this, our ‘in house’ R and D division continuously works to develop refinements in the apparatuses so that higher level of precision is achieved. Due to dedicated innovations, SE-Test India has been successful in addressing the emergent demands of the professionals on site and in the labs. This makes us the preferred vendor among the civil engineering lab equipments suppliers in India and world.

Hi-tech testing apparatuses -

Sophistication and automation are the definitive attributes that mark our civil engineering testing equipments. We have brilliantly used the frontline technologies including digital electronics to develop smart functions that assist the engineers to make accurate derivations and take calculated decisions at short notice. All the testing apparatuses are made with the finest grade materials like SS304, SS316 and finest polymers that are assured of lifetime durability. Special parts are made of titanium and next generation alloys which are resistant to rust and imperfections thus ensuring the highest level of precision in scientific measurements. Utilizing our time tested expertise in manufacturing precision testing apparatus, SE-Test India now stands at the apex among civil engineering lab equipments manufacturers.

What we offer in the segment of civil engineering lab equipments

  • Cement Testing Lab Equipment
  • Concrete Testing Equipment
  • SOIL Testing Lab Equipment
  • Bitumen and Ashphalt Testing Lab Equipment
  • Aggregate Testing Lab Equipment
  • Environmental Testing Equipments
  • Rock Testing Lab Equipments
  • Strength of Material Lab Equipments
  • Surveying Testing Lab Equipments
  • Safety Equipments
  • General Lab Equipments
  • Oil and Petroleum Testing Lab Equipments
  • Construction Materials Testing Equipment
  • Highway Engineering Lab Equipment
  • Transportation Engineering Lab Equipment
  • Trimming Flooring and Cutting Machine

SE-Test India caters to diverse niches of civil engineering and makes cement testing lab equipments, concrete testing apparatuses, soil testing, bitumen and asphalt testing, aggregate testing, environmental testing, rock testing and oil and petroleum testing equipments for the labs and engineering professionals. We also offer whole range of safety, surveying and general lab equipments that are manufactured as per the latest standards. Such wide products portfolio makes us the leading civil engineering lab equipments exporters in India.

With a vast array to choose from, SE-Test India is counted among the top civil engineering lab equipments manufacturers! We can also customize our products as per the demands of individual engineering projects.