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Laboratory Heating and Cooling Instruments

We are the leading laboratory heating and cooling instrument manufacturer in India and have clients spread across the world. With more than 13 years of worthwhile experience in designing and developing front-line laboratory heating and cooling instruments, we now stand at the apex of the industry! 

SE-Test India responded to the emergent sophistication in the petroleum industry and developed matching products of resonant value. With a dedicated ‘in-house’ R & D division run by experts, SE-Test India engages in innovations of practical significance. We are, therefore, the leading laboratory heating and cooling instrument suppliers and exporters, and we offer testing apparatus of high precision.

We are the leading laboratory heating and cooling instrument suppliers. We have a broad range of instruments to meet the finer demands of specialists in different niches. Examine our general lab equipment –

With such a wide range of asphalt and laboratory heating and cooling instruments on offer, we are catering to the front line requirements of physical and chemical analysis of substrates and mixes. The result accuracy is optimised as per the standards of the industry while the error is negligible. That ensures high consistency in testing!

Learn more about the range of bitumen and General lab equipment of SE-Test Lab Instruments in detail here below.

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