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Tiles Testing Machine

Universal Testing Machine For Adhesive Bond Test

Business Type: Manufacturers, Exporters, Suppliers, Retailers, Wholesalers

Make: Setest India
Origin: India

Model No.: SET-

Applications For Universal testing machine for Adhesives, Ceramic Tiles and Mosaics

Our Universal Testing Machine (UTM) meets several standards to make sure it works well for different tests. Computerized Twin screw Universal Testing Machine for Adhesives for use with Ceramic Tiles and Mosaics as per above referred Indian standard BIS 15477, EN 1348, EN 12003, EN 12004, BS 5980 (1980), ANSI 118.1, ISO 13007, BIS 15477:2019 to determine properties of Shear bond, Adhesion, Pullout Testing, Dolly pullout, Tile Compression testing as per with direct display of results through Screen Touch HMI.

Our UTM is a versatile testing tool used for various things, like:

  • Checking how strong cement adhesive sticks (Tensile Adhesion Strength).
  • Measuring the strength of certain adhesive types (Shear Adhesion Strength).
  • Testing the flexibility of cement adhesive and grout material (Flexural strength).

SalientFeatures of Universal testing machine for Adhesives, Ceramic Tiles and Mosaics

  • Our UTM has some cool features that make it a great addition to any lab:
  • Floor standing model
  • Aesthetic exterior appearance
  • Strong and durable load frame
  • Simple and easy to understand operation
  • Fulfils complete test requirements of EN 1348, EN 12004, EN 12003, BS 5980, BIS 15477, ANSI 118.1 Standards
  • Equipped with Twin (Dual) Load cells - 5KN and 30KN
  • Equipped with AC Induction Motor, AC drive for speed variations and Microprocessor based controller with LCD Display Screen
  • Auto Load rate/Strain rate control using AC drive
  • Load cell selection through Load cell selector switch
  • Permanently mounted calibrated load cells
  • Overload & extension protection parameter for mechanical safety by help of limit switches
  • Also fitted with Emergency stop button to stop the test in between
  • It's safe because it has overload and extension protection.
  • There's an emergency stop button for added safety.
  • It can move the test parts up and down automatically.
  • You can control the speed of testing.
  • It can show how much something has stretched accurately.
  • It comes with software that connects to a computer and helps you analyze the data.
  • You can save the data in Excel or PDF files.
  • We provide an instruction manual, test report, and calibration certificate.
Model SET-Floor Standing Model
Load Capacity 3000 Kgf (3 Ton) & 500 Kgf (0.5 Ton)
Structure Heavy duty frame structure, make gear box and "Induction motor” driven machine.
Load Least Count 0.01 KN and 0.1 KN respectively
Vertical daylight in mm 1100 mm
Horizontal daylight in mm 400-450 mm
Cross head travel 1000 mm
Display Microprocessor based controller with LCD Display
Controller Microprocessor based controller
Limit switch Cross head travel protection
Speed Variable by AC drive with close loop system
Speed Range 10 mm/min - 400 mm/min
Encoder For elongation indication, 500 PPR
Overload Protection Over load excess elongation protection provided. Over Voltage protection
Unit Selection Newton / Kgf / KN / MPa / PSI
Interface RS 232 interface with PC Connectivity
Indication parameters Maximum Load, Maximum Elongation, Selected Load Cell, Breaking Load, %Elongation, Current Load
Operation on 230 volts, 50 hz, single phase, AC Supply
Note In addition to this we request you to buy Personal Computer with CD

Dedicated Software Specifications

Our special software makes the UTM even better:

  • RS 232 interface with windows based software to conduct test and keep record of generated data with Graphical Representation
  • Also, keep record of generated results i.e., Yield Load, Yield Extension, Break Load, Break Extension, and Modulus of Elasticity
  • Graph Grids colour combination facility
  • Graph zooming facility
  • Individual graph comparison facility
  • It can scale the graphs and even add your company.
  • Auto scaling facility
  • Company logo insertion facility
  • You can store data from all the tests you have done.
  • It is easy to use with a menu.
  • Test reports and graphs directly printed on terminal printer through direct print commands after the test is completed.
  • Data and Result Units Selectable
  • You can control the machine with the software.
  • User can export the generated data in various file formats such as i.e., Excel, PDF etc
  • It can store lots of test data (up to 50,000 tests), depending on your computer's storage.

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