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Abrasion Cut Off Machine

Model No.: SET-1816

An abrasion cut off machine is useful for cutting nearly all materials into different slabs, tubes, sections, and bars. The machine works at high speed and is capable of cutting a solid bar of 25 MM in diameter in 20 seconds. Abrasion cut-off machine manufacturers in Delhi, India, make the product with different configurations. It comes with the model as a tabletop, walks behind the model, and freehand. The machine is used for cutting tiles and metal, whereas the freehand model is used to cut concrete, pipe, and asphalt. In the machine, handles and the motor are placed near the operator, and the blade is at the far end.

Features Of Our Product :

  • It is ideal for deformation, burns free and cool sample production.
  • No or less probability of wheel breakage due to robust construction and rigid clamping.
  • control panel with advanced features. Users can use the control panel for door limit switches, switches, emergency stops, illumination on and off, and switches on the machine.
  • Abrasion cut off machine exporters in Delhi, India made machine comes with a sensor that indicates in case of power on, door open, pump on. That makes it one of the safest devices for your users.

Technical Specification :

  • Model name- SET- 1816
  • Operating type – Automatic and Manual both
  • Capacity- 60 to 100 MM round specimen
  • Cut off wheel size- 300 MM
  • Speed- 2800 RPM
  • Coolant tank capacity- 50 Ltr
  • Electrical requirement- 3 HP, 50 HZ, 3 Phase
  • Cutting capacity- 100 MM
Model No. SET-1816
Operation Manual operation by moving motor to the sample. Sample can be moved by lead screw.
Cutting Action By manual Cut-Off wheel Arcs down
Cutting Capacity Upto 100mm
Cut-Off Wheel Size 12” (300mm)
Cutting motor Power 3HP, 3Phase 415 Volts, 50Hz
Abrasive Wheel RPM 2800 RPM
Coolant Motor Power 0.1 HP 3 Phase, 2800 RPM
Coolant Tank 50 Ltr. Recirculating Coolant tank inbuilt

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