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Spectro Sample Polisher Machine

Business Type: Manufacturers, Exporters, Suppliers, Retailers, Wholesalers

Make: Setest India
Origin: India

Model No.: SET-1815


We are one of the country's biggest spectro sample polishing machine manufacturers in Delhi, India, and have been supplying and exporting this product for a long time. We source raw materials directly from the original manufacturer so that our customers always get quality products. Our trained staff utilises their technical and creative skills to get the most value for your money, time, and effort.

Features of Spectro Sample Polishing Machine:

  • Compact design:- Inside and outside, our products come with excellent finishing. Design is elegant, and the shine is super. This unparallel product quality has made us an important player in the field of Spectro Sample Polisher machine exporters in Delhi, India.
  • Less maintenance:- Products come with advanced features that do not require frequent cleaning and replacement of components.
  • 3. Durable quality: Spectro sample Polishing are made up of high-quality steel that is rust-resistant and lasts for a long time. Power costing on the outer body makes it shiner.

Other Details:

  • Machine To Suite The Disc Housing And To Cover The Disc Plate By 180 Degrees For Safety
  • Made Up Of Steel With Air Gripping Arrangement To Alundum Disc And With Locking System To Keep The Alundum Disc In Position
  • At The Back Of The Disc Housing The Pipeline Connected To The Dust-Collecting Unit
  • In Continues Process, There Is Noise Less Operation
  • Anti Fungal, Rust Proof Paint

Specifications of Spectro Sample Polisher machine:

Weight - 100 – 1200 KG (Depending on quality and functionality of product).
Working type - Automatic
Power source - Electric
RPM - 1440
Power consumption - 3-6 KW
Voltage consumption - 220 V
Abrasive Disc - 300 to 350 MM Diameter
Suction motor - 1 hp minimum, 2800 rpm, 415v ac, 50hz.
Disc motor - 2 hp or better, 1440 rpm (minimum approx), 3ph, 50hz, 415 vac
Air suction rotation speed - Approx 1500 Rpm
Machine Stand - Motor Starter on Machine Stand
Disc Plate - Made of Steel
Disc Housing - Cost Iron

We have become one of the biggest spectro sample polisher machine suppliers in Delhi, India through our affordable price, excellent customer service, and great post-sales service in Delhi, India.

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