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Mor Testing Machine

Model No.: SET-1822

Standard: IS : 13630 (Part - 6), ISO 10545 (Part-4),

The MOR testing machine is equipped with a modern TOUCH SCREEN control panel, allowing for intuitive and user-friendly operations. The touchscreen interface provides convenient access to various test parameters and settings, enhancing the overall testing experience.

As a top manufacturer of MOR Testing Machines in Delhi, India, we only offer high-quality Modulus of Rupture Testing equipment. It is a specialized tool used to measure the rupture modulus, also referred to as the flexural strength or bending strength, of various materials. It is specifically used to evaluate the material’s ability to resist bending or breaking under applied loads.

The Electro-Magnetic Design of our testing machine ensures quiet and vibration-free operation, making it a reliable tool for precise testing. With a capacity of 500 kgf and a minimum count of 1 N, the machine offers high sensitivity and accuracy. It has an accuracy of 0.2% on the full scale, ensuring reliable and trustworthy test results.

Mor Testing Machine Salient features:

  • Advanced Digital Model
  • Compatibility for Fired Sample Tests
  • MOR Test of Ceramic Tiles/ Bars
  • Direct Reading for various Tile Shapes
  • Select your preferred Test Units- The test unit can be selected as kilograms kg or kilonewtons kn.
  • Integrated Motor with Drive System
  • Enhanced Sample Handling
  • Accommodating test spans for various sizes
  • Emergency Switch Provision
  • User-Friendly Operations
  • Integrated Motor with Drive to control the rate of Loading.
  • Auto-Calibration Facility
  • Durable Powder-Coated Finish
  • Compatible Power Supply

Mor Testing Machine Specification

Specimen Platform 300x300mm, 600x600mm, 900x900mm
Working Structure Electro-Mechanical
Mode of Operation Automatic
Controlling System VFD/Stepper
Load cell Capacity 500 kgf (5 KN)
L.C 1N
Load resolution 1N
Test units Kg, N
Motor Speed Control Through AC Drive
Accuracy 0.2% of full scale
Display LCD Display
Controller Microprocessor Based Controller
Construction Mild steel body
Paint Mild steel body
Paint Powder coating
Power Supply 230 volts, 50 hz, single phase, AC Supply

The testing machine comes with a convenient pause and speed reset feature that allows for flexibility during the testing process. It incorporates an integral, fully variable, microprocessor-controlled drive unit, ensuring precise control over the testing parameters. Its bench-mounted design ensures convenience, while the extensive range of features provides operators with enhanced control and flexibility during testing operations.

The combination of advanced features and optional software compatibility makes our Modules of Rupture MOR Testing Machine Manufacturers, Suppliers and exporters in Delhi, India a versatile and comprehensive solution for conducting accurate and efficient tests on ceramic tiles and other materials.

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