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Model No.: SET-1804

SE-Test India’s torsion testing machine, model number SET-1804, is manufactured as per the requirements of the industry with the years of experience of torsion testing machines made available by SE-Test India, known for its reliability and superior functioning. Our range of Torsion Testing Machines are tested for the finest quality parameters and are provided as per the exact specifications of our clients. We also take pride in supplying our range of Torsion Testing Machines at the most competitive prices.

Torsion Testing Machine General Specification

The Torsion Testing Machine is designed and used to perform twist and torsion tests on a variety of metal wires and sheet materials of tube. The torque measurement is done with the aid of a pendulum dynamometer system and the range of the torque can be adjusted accordingly.

The application of torque to the specimen is performed through a geared motor box. Additionally, an autographic record is also provided for ascertaining the relationship between the angle and the torque of twist upon a particular request. In particular, the accuracy of the indication of the torque is approximately 1% of the real torque. The entire system is moistened hydraulically for loading with any vibration.

Torsion Testing Machine Features

  • Unique 'TALON-CLAW' Grips for flat as well as round samples
  • The machine has load-unload feature
  • Variable Speed Drive (Optional)
  • Torque Compensated Motors
  • Maintenance Free Gear Box
  • Torsional Speed of 0.1/0.2 RPM

SE-Test India offers a complete range of torsion testing machines and lab equipment that have been developed to assist civil engineers in assessing the factors that are relevant to construction projects. We have become the number one torsion testing machine suppliers, manufacturers, and exporters in Delhi, India.

Creditable Integrity

We adopt the principles of the creditable integrity to demonstrate our commitment to the client’s success. in today’s competitive market, particularly in the field of engineering equipments, SE-Test Lab is an honest and committed product supplier in the industry.

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At SE-Test Lab, an effective team is committed to provide the best of products and services to meet all end-objectives of our clients. The team uses available resources, and every member works together as a single unit to deliver the best equipments for clients.

Torsion Testing Machine

Quality Assurance

We always maintain an utmost level of quality in offering products or services, by means of providing minute attention to every stage of production, customization and delivery. By focusing on the quality management, we make sure to fulfill the quality requirements of clients.

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