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Tiles Testing Machine

Tiles Autoclave Crazing Test Autoclave

Model No.: SET-

Tile autoclave crazing test autoclave is a triple safety device against accidental overpressure. It is a floor mounted autoclave equipment available in semi-automatic, and fully automatic option. It provides safety against the electric short circuit. The simple design and operation of the machine with the easy heater replacement enhance the functionality and performance of the machine.

Tiles Autoclave Crazing Test Autoclave Application:

The application of autoclave equipment is industrial. There is a double insulation wall and the working mode is available in semi-automatic and fully automatic mode. The brand name is SESET fulfilling the ISO standards 10545-11, ASTM C424, IS 13630. The Company is adhering to the specific standards and provides the advanced performance in performing crazing tests. The Item Code is EIE-TC-112DP15.

Key features::

Enhanced safety:

This equipment provides enhanced safety against accidental overpressure. The sudden pressure can be controlled with the availability of safety valve/ pressure control switch/ digital temperature and indicator cum controller.

Easy to use:

The simple design of the machine and operation makes this equipment easy-to-use for the user of the machine.

Easy to maintain:

The machine is simply designed providing ease in heater replacement. Even a single skilled man can replace the heater efficiently. Additionally, a special groove basket is present in the machine to resist the high pressure and temperature that may arise in the procedure.

Complete solution

The autoclave machine is a complete solution with all the required accessories available in the equipment. It includes special gauges, thick Mild steel cylinder. Duly Teflon coated with insulation covers standing on a robust supporting frame, enclosed in a metal housing, aesthetically completed in hammer tone or powder coated.

Compatibility with tile size:

The machine has the maximum ability to work with the maximum tile size of 18" X 28". The Chamber Size of the machine is 500 X 750 MM.


The machine is suitable to operate on 440 Volts, 50 Hz, Three Phase, AC supply.


We pack the machines properly in wooden boxes or corrugated boxes properly to ensure the safety of the equipment.

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