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Oil and Petroleum Testing Lab Equipments

SE-Test India offers high quality oil and petroleum testing lab equipment to ensure accurate results for the engineers and sample analysts. We have been serving the sector for a long time and have developed frontline competencies to enable the professionals to undertake a whole range of testing of base substrates, intermediates, final products and residues derived from oil and petroleum industry processes. 

SE-Test India responded to the emergent sophistication in the petroleum industry and developed matching products of resonant value. With a dedicated ‘in-house’ R & D division run by experts, SE-Test India engages in innovations of practical significance. We are, therefore, the leading petroleum testing equipment manufacturers and offer testing apparatus of high precision. 

Our petroleum testing instruments are an array and have been developed to derive authentic results in the following processes –

  • Hydrocarbon analysis and testing
  • Materials characterization testing
  • Fatigue and fracture mechanics and ECA services
  • Corrosion testing
  • Weld testing
  • Failure analyses
  • Dynamic environmental impact assessment
  • Compositional analysis

With such broad range of instruments, SE-Test India has become the preferred petroleum testing equipment suppliers. We can also develop custom petroleum testing equipment as per the demands of process together with demanded accuracy characteristics.

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