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Tiles Testing Machine

MOR Tile Testing Machine

Model No.: SET-

MOR Testing machine is highly efficient in controlling the rate of loading at 1 Newton per mm square per second. The capacity of the machine is 500 kgf. The least count of the machine is 0.1 kgf along with adjustable test span. The machine provides the least count 0.1 kgf along with adjustable test span. This machine is used to accommodate various tile size up to 30*30 cm. The value of MOR testing is measured in KN or Kgf. The machine works in single phase up to 60 Hz. Additionally, there is a PC connectivity attached with available software at additional costing.

International standards:

MOR testing machine is made as per the international standards. The machine adheres with the international standards. The international standards IS : 13630 (Part - 6), ISO 10545 (Part-4) is available with touch screen. Additionally there is a control panel and automatic pace rate control to control the rate of loading at 1 Newton per mm square per second.

The machine accommodate with different sizes of tile as mentioned below:

  • 600*600 mm
  • 1000*1000 mm
  • 1200*1200 mm
  • 800*1200 mm

The force capacity of the MOR testing machine is 1000 KGF. The Company is meeting the compliances as mentioned above.

Key features:

Advance and unique design

The machine is available in electro-mechanical design, which is quiet and free of vibration operation. The rate of loading in the equipment is controlled through AC drive.

Higher capacity:

The capacity of the machine is 500 kgf which is quite good for the smooth functioning of the machine.

Least count:

The least count of the machine is 0.1 kgf which is again a favorable value showing the performance of the machine.

Higher degree of accuracy:

There is a higher degree of accuracy in the manufacturing process with 0.2% of full scale.

Advance model:

The MOR testing machine is a standard digital model with a load cell highly suitable for fired sample tests on the existing machine.

Suitability of machine:

The machine is highly considerable for the MOR test of ceramic tiles and bars. The suitability of the machine is adhering to the ISO:10545 (Part-4) and IS: 13630.

Accessibility for different shapes of tiles:

The machine is accessible for different shapes of tiles; including square, rectangular, and round shapes.

Test Units:

There are direct displays of load and collapsing force with selectable test units in Kgf and KN.

Other features:

The machine auto stops after the successful completion of the test. There is a provision for an emergency switch if the user wants to end the load applicator at any height with an LCD display digital control panel. The operation is done on 230 Volt, 50 Hz, Single Phase, AC Supply.

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