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Model No.: SET-1806

SE-Test India’s fatigue testing machine with model number SET-1811 is manufactured as per the required industry standards. We take expertise in manufacturing and supplying advanced-quality fatigue testing machines. The machine is utilised for the purpose of testing the fatigue strength of the raw materials, components, as well as finished products. It is also used for the purpose of drawing the S-N diagram, which is ideal equipment for laboratories, research institutes, and technical institutions.

General Specification:

The fatigue testing machine is a machine that is of the rotating beam type and in which the load is applied in the reverse bending manner. The sample of an 8 mm dia standard is placed in the unique holder at the end and is loaded in such a manner that it encounters a consistent bending moment. The sample is made to rotate at 4200 RPM by the motor.

The application of the bending moment is done with the help of a lever system, which can be easily altered by simply moving the weight over the lever. Besides, a mechanical counter records the total number of revolutions at which the specimen fails. Moreover, there is an interlocking system that stops the motor in the event of the specimen's failure.


  • Simple design compact in size and light in weight.
  • No need for any sort of foundation for setting the machine
  • Simple lever system is provided for changing the load
  • Calibrated accurately as per the Indian Quality Standards

Fatigue Testing Machine Specifications :

Max. bending moment (Kg.cm): 200
Bending moment adjustable (Kg.cm): 25-200
Range I-Kg.cm: 25-125
Range II-Kg.cm125-200
Gripping dia. of specimen (mm): 12
Testing dia. of specimen (mm): 8
Rotating speed in RPM: 4200
Accuracy of applied bending moment: 1%
Digital Counter: No. of digits: 6
Power required in HP: 0.5
Main Supply: 3ph 440v 50hz
Overall size(mm) 1000 L x 500 W x 600H
Weight (Kg): 120

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Fating Testing Machine

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