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Bitumen and Ashphalt Testing Lab Equipments

SE-Test Lab Instruments Pvt. Ltd is a specialist in bitumen testing instruments for engineering verticals such as road and highway construction, water proofing, and real estate, among others. We are the leading bitumen and asphalt testing equipment manufacturer in India and have clients spread across the world. With more than 13 years of worthwhile experience in designing and developing frontline bitumen asphalt testing equipment, we now stand at the apex of the industry! 

SE-Test Lab Instruments began offering the primary products for testing the quality and other attributes of asphalt and bitumen and now specialises in the finest instruments of high sophistication. Our bitumen and asphalt testing equipment were developed with functions of desirability to allow the engineers to make detailed analyses of the samples. This allows them to make informed decisions while considering the quality, viscosity, ductility, and consistency of the base product for different applications in industry and infrastructure. 

We are the leading bitumen asphalt testing equipment suppliers, and we have a broad range of instruments to meet the finer demands of specialists in different niches. We have a wide range of testing equipment that includes Ring and Ball Apparatus, Standard Penetrometer, Digital Penetrometer, Stripping Value Apparatus, Centrifuge Extractor – Hand Operated, Centrifuge Extractor, Motorized, Kinematic Viscometer Bath, Say Bolt Viscometer, Standard Tar Viscometer, and Rolling Thin Film Oven.

Being the leading bitumen asphalt testing equipment suppliers, we have a broad range of instruments to meet the finer demands of specialists in different niches. Have a look at our instruments –

  • Ring And Ball Apparatus
  • Standard Penetrometer
  • Digital Penetrometer
  • Stripping Value Apparatus
  • Centrifuge Extractor – Hand Operated
  • Centrifuge Extractor – Motorized
  • Kinematic Viscometer Bath
  • Say Bolt Viscometer
  • Standard Tar Viscometer
  • Marshall Stability Test Apparatus
  • Mixer With Heating Jacket
  • Ductility Testing Apparatus
  • Elastic Recovery Mould
  • Straight Edge (3 Meters)
  • Benkelman Beam
  • Pavement Core Drilling Machine
  • Automatic Compactor For Bituminous Mixes
  • Loss On Heating/Thin Film Oven
  • Rolling Thin Film Oven
  • Asphalt Concrete Cutting Machine
  • Indirect Tensile Loading Fixtures
  • Automatic Asphalt Content Tester
  • Automatic Marshall Stability Test Apparatus

With such a wide range of asphalt and bitumen testing lab equipments on offer, we are catering the frontline requirements of physical and chemical analysis of substrates and mixes. The results accuracy is optimized as per the standards of industry while the error is negligible that ensures high consistency in testing!

Learn more about the range of bitumen and asphalt testing lab equipments of SE-Test Lab Instruments in detail here below.

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