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Tiles Testing Machine

Ball Release For Impact Resistance Of Ceramic Tiles

Model No.: SET-

Ball release for impact resistance of ceramic tiles is an efficient machine used to measure the impact resistance in tiles. The test is done to check the efficiency of tiles with the measured valuation of coefficient. There is a normal and higher value estimated by experts to determine the efficiency of the test.


The ball release test for impact resistance of ceramic tiles adheres to the EN ISO 10545‑5, IS 13630 (Part‑14). The equipment is highly functional and performs well as per the industry standards to ensure the optimized performance of the machine. The fine quality and performance of the machine is enhanced with the use of the ball release machine.


The ball release for impact resistance of ceramic tiles test is done to measure the impact resistance of ceramic tiles especially on floor. The test is highly recommended for tiles that are used in floor because the impact resistance is the crucial aspect to be measured. There is a standard value for the coefficient of restitution, 0.55. The coefficient is found sufficient for normal low-stress levels of use. The higher value of coefficient is needed in case the higher stress is included.

Key features:

Auto calculation of Coefficient:

The equipment provides auto calculation of coefficients which saves a large amount of time. Get the auto value of coefficient with the use of a machine, and know whether the tile is fine for the further procedure or not.

Digital indicator with black light:

There is a digital indicator with black light available in the machine. Check the results provided by the digital indicator to know the results.

Spirit level:

There is an inbuilt spirit level in the machine in order to level the machine. Use the spirit level in order to level the machine.

Supply completion:

The supply is completed with one No. of 75*75 mm cube in order to cast the mold.

Weight of machine:

The weight of machine is approx 85 kg.

Ball Release For Impact Resistance Of Ceramic Tiles Packaging of machine:

The machine is packaged in wooden boxes or corrugated boxes. The packaging of the machine is done in accordance with the safety guidelines to ensure the safe delivery of the machine.


The testing apparatus of the machine has a chrome plated steel ball with a diameter of (19 ± 0.05) mm. There is a device which is equipped properly with an electromagnet and an available guide tube which ensures the dropping steel ball which falls on the center of the testing sample. The test sample is established on a robust support. An electronic device measures the interval of time between the first and the second impact when the ball falls on the surface of the test sample.

The test sample stands horizontally on the instrument attached with the surface under the electromagnet to ensure when the ball falls from the height of 1 meter it hits the centre. The height of the test ball is measured and alternatively in the time interval between successive rebounds is noted. In case, any damage can be seen from the distance of 1 meter then it must be noted and can be ignored in classifying tiles.

The coefficient of restitution is determined with the use of different formulas. The formula is decided on the basis of the type of measurement selected in the procedure including time or height.

The buyer will get the following certificated with the equipment:

  • Ball Diameter calibration complying with IEC/ISO 17025 standard
  • Falling Height Calibration complying with IEC/ISO 17025 standard

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