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Bitumen and Ashphalt Testing Lab Equipment

Say Bolt Viscometer

Model No.: SET-1308

Standards: ASTM D88, D244, AASHTO T72

Say Bolt Viscometer Description:Se-Test India Pvt. Ltd., is an eminence of say bolt viscometer manufacturers and supplier. The Skilled team is well equipped with latest technics and designs say bolt viscometer according to the indulgent market needs at the much-advanced stage, which helps to create the products which are as per the necessity of the market.

Se-Test India Pvt. Ltd. Saybolt Viscometer (Model No. 1308) compliant to ASTM D88, D244, and AASHTO T72 industries standards is used to empirically measure the fluid viscosity of petroleum products. The Saybolt Viscometer controls the fluid's heat and viscosity between the temperature range 70°F and 210°F. It can also be used to determine the Saybolt for Viscosity of the bituminous materials at different temperatures ranging from 25°F to 45°F.


  • Comes with Cylindrical Oil Cup.
  • Furol and Universal Tip (Set of 2)
  • A Bath Fitted that is fitted with immersion Heater mounted on a stand.
  • To Control temperature a Dimmer stat.
  • A Stirrer with a shield.
  • An insulated handle and thermometer support for the receiving flask, filter funnel, withdrawal tube, cup and circular spirit level.
  • A Brass Oil Tube.
  • A Filter Funnel.
  • A Heating Coil. Voltage: 250 V 50 Hz A.C. with a single phase.

Thermometer Details:• ASTM Thermometer Type 18 F Range : 66°F to 80°F, 19 F Range: 94°F to 80°F, 19 F Range: 120°F to 148°, 20F Range: 134°F to 148°F, 21 F Range : 174°F to 188°F, 22 F Range : 204°F to 218°F, 77F Range: 245°F to 265°F, 77F Range: 295°F to 315°F, Type 78 F Range: 345°F to 365°F, Type 80F Range : 395°F to 415°F, 81F Range: 445°F to 465°F

A Brass Oil Tube
B Receiving Flask, 60ml
C Universal and Furol Tip (Set of 2)
D Filter Funnel
E Thermometer Support
F Heating Coil
G ASTM Thermometer Type 18 F Range : 66°F to 80°F
H ASTM Thermometer Type 19 F Range: 94°F to 80°F
I ASTM Thermometer Type 19 F Range: 120°F to 148°
J ASTM Thermometer Type 20F Range: 134°F to 148°F
K ASTM Thermometer Type 21 F Range : 174°F to 188°F
L ASTM Thermometer Type 22 F Range : 204°F to 218°F
M ASTM Thermometer Type 77F Range: 245°F to 265°F
N ASTM Thermometer Type 77F Range: 295°F to 315°F
O ASTM Thermometer Type 78 F Range: 345°F to 365°F
P ASTM Thermometer Type 80F Range : 395°F to 415°F
Q ASTM Thermometer Type 81F Range: 445°F to 465°F

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Saybolt Viscometer

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