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Humidity / Stability Test Chamber

Model No.:

  • Precise Hot Air & Humidity
  • Better Mineral / Glasswool / Puf Insulation Keep the surface Temperature comfortable & Avoid Heat & Humidity Loss.
  • Silent Hot Air Blower, Unique design of Air Circulation & Humidity circulation & improved Temperature / Humidity distribution.
  • Unique design of Ventilation.
  • Polish 304 grade of S. Steel interior Corrosion resistant long life operation
  • Kanthal A-1 Tubular heater is fitted for better circulation
  • Safety controller are provided with Digital Temp. Controller Cum Indicator
  • Kanthal A-1 steel Tubular heater J shape is fitted in the steam Bath for long life & better result.
  • Full feature with Temp. Controller i.e. Thermostate Bi-Metalic Capillary type for both Dry & Wet Temp. Control or Digital Temp. Controller Cum Indicator & Microprocessor Based PID Temp. Controller Cum Indicator
  • Choose among the models with window front glass door or inner Perspex / Acrylic sheet Door with full view to observe the Test process inside the chamber while keep Temperature uninterrupted.
  • Angle Iron frame with castor wheel for easy movement (for Refrigerated model )
  • Fitted with 02 Nos. Fan for cooling & heating (For Refrigerated Model)
  • Filled with 02 Nos. Circulation motor for water injection in routine model inside the control unit & Chamber.
  • Humidistate is placed inside the chamber to control requested humidity.
  • Humidity can be controlled by Digital Temp. & Humidity (Both automatically on customer requirement) •Wet Temp. is controlled by Bi-Metalic Thermostate Connected to Water Bath placed in the control unit having water level. (Nozzle for Water inlet & outlet & overflow)


Tissue Culture, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture, Cable Industry, Paper , PVC & Cement Industries Electrical Industries.


Model UTS 1.09/ 1.10
Heating/ Cooling
UTS 1.09 A/ 1.10 A
Heating/ Cooling
UTS 1.09 B/ 1.10 B
Heating/ Cooling
UTS 1.09 C/ 1.10 C
Heating/ Cooling
Capacity (Ltrs.) 95 147 225 335
Interior (mm) 450 x 450 x 450 450 x 450 x 700 605 x 605 x 605 605 x 605 x 900
Heater Wattage "W" (Dry) 250 W 250 W 250 W 250 W
Heater Immersion Wattage (Wet) 1 K W 1 K W 1.5 K W 1.5 K W
Shelves 2 2 2 3
* Dimensions are expressed in (Width x Depth x Height)

Technical Parameters :

Temperature Range : Ambient to 45 °C
Temperature Stability : +-1°C
Housing Material : CRC / Mild Steel Sheet duly Powder Coated
Power Consumption : 220/230V, AC +- 10% 50Hz Single Phase
Safety Function : Water Level & Low water level cut off alarm (On customer request)
Optional : RS 232 Communication Interface
Duty Cycle : Continuous
Interior : S.S. 304 Polished Sheet
Humidity Range : Ambient to 95% +-3% (For Routine Model)
Temp. Range : 10 - 50°C (For Cooling Refrigerated Model)
Humidity Range : 55 - 92% +-3% (For Cooling Refrigerated Model)
Compressor : Kirloskar/ Tecumseh As per model requirement (For Cooling below Ambient)
Voltage Stabilizer : Required for Cooling (Refrigerated Model as per size/ model)
Refrigerant : R 134/22 (For Cooling Model)
Optional :
  • Digital Timer
  • Wet & Dry Thermometer for Calibration
Precaution : Don't use the Instrument without water

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