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Dynamic Cone Penetrometer

Model No.: SET-1218

Standards: SE-Test India’s Dynamic cone penetrometer with model number SET-1218 is manufactured as per industry Standards. A simple yet robust apparatus, a Dynamic cone penetrometer is basically used for the rapid in-situ measurement of structural properties of the existing road pavements which are constructed with the unbound materials. A continuous measurement can be made down to the depth of an approx. 800 mm and 1200 mm along with the extension shafts and rods. It is better suitable for the road pavements where its layers have the different strengths and hence its boundaries can be easily identified and thickness of the respective layers can also be determined. It is the fastest and efficient method of obtaining the results or information in very less duration.

SE-Test India’s Dynamic cone penetrometer a typical test takes only a few minutes and the instrument therefore, provides a very efficient method of obtaining information which would normally require test-pits. SE-Test India’s Dynamic cone penetrometer have been established between measurements with DCP and California Bearing Ration (CBR) so that the results can be interpreted and compared with CBR specifications for pavement design. Agreement is generally good over most of the range but differences are apparent at low values of CBR, especially for fine grained materials and incorporates a 8 Kg weight and cone having a diameter of 20 mm.


The Dynamic cone penetrometer from the SE-Test Laboratories consists of the following:
  • An 8 kg dropping weight with 575 mm drop
  • A two penetration tips 60° cone, 20 mm dia
  • A drive rod 1 meter long
  • A vertical scale
  • Easy and portable carry case dimensions are 1200x350x200 mm approx.
  • Kit Weight is approx. 20 kg

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Dynamic Cone Penetrometer

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